cal chayce:

chayce spends his free time peering under rocks, searching for idiosyncrasies that have yet to be exposed to the light. When he discovers a new one, he pins it to a piece of paper and colours a story around it. He clings to the fanciful notion that his great grandchildren might one day find his musty writings on an old hard drive and will be able to trade them to a museum of some sort in exchange for a precious gallon or two of petrol. For this reason alone, he continues to write.

Find cal chayce at his blog.

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P.T. Phronk:

AnonP.T. Phronk writes speculative fiction of various varieties. His debut urban fantasy horror novel, Stars and Other Monsters, is both a parody of and a tribute to all the terrible vampire romance novels that we love to hate. Before that, P.T. Phronk studied the psychology of horror films at Western University, so he knows how to get into your head and disturb you. Sorry.

Find him on Twitter: @Phronk

Or his web site:

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Leonard Delaney:

6187046_mlLeonard Delaney writes from the heart instead of wasting time with research or experience. Living a clean lifestyle has allowed him to focus on doing good in school, honing his writing, and tinkering with technology. He lives well outside of Toronto with his mother and her cat while maintaining a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend, Misty (aka Éowyn16), who no longer responds to his direct messages, but he remains hopeful for a future with. Leonard is a co-founder of provocative fiction peddling publisher Forest City Pulp.

Find him on Twitter: @Leonard_Delaney.

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Martha Geoffreys:

MarthaMs. Geoffreys is a Canadian Divinity student majoring in English Literature, with a keen interest in psychology. Her professors don’t know she writes erotica. She is pretty sure that Jesus does, but she doubts that He objects.

Geoffreys writes erotica with literary depth: a unique blend quite unlike anything you have read before.

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