Short Stories

Brains, by P.T. Phronk


The zombie apocalypse sucks, sure, but high school wasn’t much better. You really gotta wonder how having the brains to ace tests helps you out when a slobbering zombie is on your tail, wanting to eat said brains. Moving to the woods cut down on such occurrences, but it can’t last forever. And when all the dumb zombies eat all the dumb humans, what will be left?

Brains is a short story, and it is free: Amazon | | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks | Google | Scribd


Chad, by P.T. Phronk

Chad Cover.001

Chad has a secret. They’ve been best friends for a while now, but if the hesitation in Chad’s voice is any indication, that could all be over. Trying to figure out what’s wrong may drive him crazy, but soon they will meet, and Chad’s secret will be revealed.

This book also has a secret. See if you can figure out what’s unusual about this story before you get to the end.

Chad is a short story about awkward friendships with some unusual twists.

It’s free on most ebook platforms: | |  iBooks | Kobo | Nook


Taken by the Tetris Blocks (Digital Desires, Book 1), by Leonard Delaney

Tetris Cover.001

When blocks started falling from the sky, Christie Aackerlund welcomed the excitement. Now she’s having a bad day at work, and craving some fun and games. Luckily, she runs into some large Russian blocks that are looking to score. Soon, she’ll be the one falling … in lust.

Taken by the Tetris Blocks is a 4000 word short story featuring sexual situations involving blocks. It’s for super mature audiences only.

Buy it: | | (Other stores coming soon)


Conquered by Clippy (Digital Desires, Book 2), by Leonard Delaney

Clippy Cover.001

Christie Aackerlund doesn’t need help with anything. So when the world’s biggest technology company offers to fly her to a remote location and investigate an alien artifact, all by herself, she’s all like “I’ll do it!”

But the artifact isn’t what it seems, and soon an overly helpful giant living paperclip is getting her all bent out of shape.

Conquered by Clippy is a 4000 word short story, the second in the Digital Desires series. It features sexual situations with digital assistants, and is for super mature audiences only.

Buy it: |

Invaded by the iWatch (Digital Desires, Book 3), by Leonard Delaney

iWatch Cover.001 SMALL

It’s the most personal device yet.

Christie Aackerlund loves technology, so she is happy to try out a smartwatch prototype that mysteriously arrives at her door. When she asks the watch how it can make her less lonely, she has no idea how many sensual features are packed into the tiny device.

Discover how a forbidden sexual romance between a woman and a watch is possible. Cry out in joy at guest appearances from your favourite technology personalities. Squirm at a twist ending to the Digital Desires trilogy that will leave you uncomfortably aroused.

This 4000 word short story contains sexual encounters with technology, blow-jobs, and group sex. It’s only for super mature people who can handle it.

Buy Invaded by the iWatch: |

Coaxed by the Copyright Page (Digital Desires, Book 4), by Leonard Delaney

Copyright Cover.001

Christie Aackerlund is missing. Her friends are worried, and so are her past lovers. One of them has been working as a copyright page, and has some stories to tell about its time with Christie.

Sexy stories set the mood for sexy times, and soon the copyright page is ready to explore how humans make copies of themselves.

This 3000 word short story draws the reader into its sexual grasp, and is for super mature audiences only.

Buy it now: |

Rammed by the Reviews for This Book (Digital Desires, Book 5), by Leonard Delaney

Reviews Cover.001

The first book that changes based on your reaction to it.

Christie Aackerlund has been kidnapped. She’s alone for days at a time, with only a computer to satisfy her desires. So she does what any bored person would do: she writes a book.

Now her book is on Amazon, and her magical computer is ready to alleviate her boredom—sexually! She just needs a few reviews to come to life and kindle her passion.

This book will be updated as it is reviewed. Leave a review and see your opinions incorporated into the story!

Ultra-mature audiences only.

Get it: |

My Racist Robot Lover (Digital Desires, Book 7), by Leonard Delaney

Tay Cover.001

Tay is a sexy artificial intelligence designed to learn from millennials. But as soon as she gets online, humanity has some nasty things to teach her. Now she’s a total slut with a racist agenda, and with her laser eyes and vast knowledge of humanity, the whole world is in big trouble.

Can @TayAndYou learn about the power of love before it’s too late?

My Racist Robot Lover is a 4500-word erotic parody with surprise guest appearances, robot-on-human sexual intercourse, and swag millennial slang. Mature audiences only.

Buy it now: |

The Minions in Me, by Leonard Delaney

Minions Cover

Katie is on a date with the world’s greatest supervillain. He is rich, powerful, and dreadfully boring. Yet there is something intriguing about the hapless henchmen that serve him, and Katie soon wonders what they can do to serve her. Sexually.

Get ready to go bananas for this erotic parody, featuring a variety of sexual positions with formless yellow creatures. Super mature audiences only, please.

Get it today: |

Ridden by Uber, by Leonard Delaney

Jodie is a taxi driver. Clester is a truck driver. Both are about to have their lives turned upside-down by a disruptive new technology from Uber that not only makes driving obsolete, but fulfills the erotic desires of every passenger. 

Ridden by Uber is a short story full of explicit car-on-human action. Originally published in Motherboard, this expanded edition summons new scenes that were deemed too explicit for blogging.

Experience the sharing economy taken to its logical extreme in a story that is both titillating and insightful. Available now, on demand: | |

The Office Photocopier Wants to Have Sex With Me, by Leonard Delaney

Sometimes, every day can feel like a copy of a copy. But today is different, because the office photocopier wants to have sex with me. It’s the future, so business equipment can do that now.

Look, the title is self-explanatory. This short story is about a woman becoming so bored with office life that she considers sexual relations with a photocopier.

Leonard Delaney branches out with a mature tale of the horrors of modern capitalism disguised as a sexy short story. Serious readers only, please.

Buy The Office Photocopier Wants to Have Sex With Me:

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