Stars and Other Monsters, by P.T. Phronk

SOM PT Cover V2.001Stan Lightfoot is the perfect paparazzo. He and his talented canine companion can track down anybody, anywhere. He’s on the hunt, and with the next flash of his camera, Stan could ruin a celebrity’s life and become a millionaire. His work has gone unappreciated by everything from beefy bodyguards to vicious Chihuahuas, but this time he’s interrupted by something new: a vampire.

When she sees what Stan is up to, the fanged woman demands his help in introducing her to her celebrity crush. It’s an offer he can’t refuse: Stan has to deliver the world’s biggest movie star on a non-silver platter, or find himself on the menu instead. He’s forced on a twisted road trip through nightmare America, and his new companion doesn’t mind driving through the night.

Stan only has a few days to figure out this perplexing woman with a monstrous hunger for blood and an all-too-human obsession with fame. Her power seems god-like, but he’s been in tough situations before. Maybe he can at least save his dog. The bigger issue is that to the perfect paparazzo, a star who doesn’t want to be found is as dangerous as any monster.

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3 thoughts on “Stars and Other Monsters, by P.T. Phronk

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