Motherfucking Wizards, by Leonard Delaney

Wizards Cover V2.001

Peter Harrison is not a fucking wizard. He’s just a regular guy, too broke and lazy to escape living in his uncle’s basement. It’s not exactly paradise. So when a case of mistaken identity leads to a white van coming to take him to wizarding school, he’s happy to be whisked away.

He’s also pleased to discover that the teachers are all beautiful women, but when they take a sexual interest in Peter for no reason, his secret is dangerously close to being discovered. Plus, these wizards seem to have a dark secret, and getting kicked out of school will be the least of Peter’s worries if they find out he’s not a wizard.

Motherfucking Wizards is an erotic mashup of explicit sex stuff and badass sorcerers. What superauthor Leonard Delaney lacks in experience, he makes up for in the magic of imagination. This novella is for awesome adults only.

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