The Pop Culture Value Combo, by Leonard Delaney

Pop_Culture_Value_Combo_V2Four pop culture bizarro erotica pieces for modern readers. All for less than the price of two books. This set includes:

The Minions in Me

Katie is on a date with the world’s greatest supervillain. He is rich, powerful, and dreadfully boring. Yet there is something intriguing about the hapless henchmen that serve him, and Katie soon wonders what they can do to serve her. Sexually. Get ready to go bananas for this erotic parody, featuring a variety of sexual positions with formless yellow creatures.

Oregon Patriots Occupied My Butt

An erotic tale ripped straight from the headlines. Cap is confused about his identity, but gets some clarity when he stumbles across a militia occupying a wildlife sanctuary in Oregon. Are they patriots? Terrorists? Cap—and his butt—are about to find out.

Humping the Hambandit

When they made hamburgers illegal, Emmy’s skills as a burger expert became a lot less useful—except to criminals. She never wanted to be dragged into a heist, but she can’t say no to him: the world-famous Hambandit. The burger-running game has become lucrative, and now that the Hambandit is a billionaire who’s gotten himself a makeover, he’s looking absolutely delicious.

Womanized by Idris Elba Playing James Bond

Idris Elba is finally playing James Bond, and wow, he’s perfect for the role. Emmy admires his suaveness from the sidelines as she works on the movie set—and tonight, she’s working late. Idris Elba may play the perfect spy, but Emmy has a dangerous secret: she’s actually a spy. Now an ancient Hollywood cabal is taking over the studio,and it’s a cinematic clusterfuck that can only be escaped using the ultimate spy gadget: love.

Bonus: An Interview With Leonard Delaney

Includes never-before-seen content and insight into the genius himself.

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