Dead Dog on Morningside, by cal chayce


Semi-retired from the violent life of a paramilitary commander during The Troubles, Danno Graham has fled from Northern Ireland to Canada with his young family. His new role is to play host to those in the organisation who need to slip away for a wee while to avoid the heat. Now Danno enjoys the best of both worlds: the peaceful living of Scarborough, Ontario, and the satisfaction of still aiding the cause back in Belfast.

Then Farley Duff arrives on the Grahams’ doorstep.

Danno’s teenage daughter, Arlene, is immediately smitten with their brash and charming new houseguest. But Farley’s been hiding a dark side—a most disturbing truth that puts all of Danno’s peaceful new neighbourhood in great danger.

With the code of his people on one side and his new life in Canada on the other, Danno must decide how to set things right—with Farley, with his family, with his neighbours, and with himself. By the time Farley’s gone, no one in the Graham home will ever be the same.

From cal chayce, author of Victor of Circumstance and All the Fine Hungers, comes a riveting new tale of crime and punishment, love and betrayal, and the depths of a killer’s conscience.

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