Of Moons and Monsters, by P.T. Phronk

An unusual blend of horror, mystery, and humor for anyone who likes Twin Peaks, Fargo, or True Blood.

The more things change, the more they want to kill you.

Stan Lightfoot’s mother has been kidnapped by a werewolf. To save her, he returns to his home town—the same place that drove him away after clawing his heart into bite-sized pieces.

He discovers that when you’ve been away from home, it’s not the same when you return. That change isn’t for the better when the small-town charm is covering up deadly secrets. It also doesn’t help that a mysterious fog has blanketed the town and allowed the creatures of the night to walk during the day.

With the help of his new friend Annie and his old friend Paul, Stan will find his mother. He has to. But with his distant past’s mistakes and his recent past’s fresh horrors both standing in his way, Stan will have to give up a hell of a lot to save the woman who gave him everything.

A story about outsiders, insiders, and how things change, Of Moons and Monsters is small-town urban fantasy with a core of painful reality.

Of Moons and Monsters is the surprising sequel to Stars and Other Monsters. You don’t have to read that book first, but you’ll probably like this one more if you do.

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