The Arborist: A Horror Novella by the Newly-Rebranded P.T. Phronk

You might notice something different about me. That’s right, I’ve got some new letters in front of my name. I’m now known as “P.T. Phronk” instead of just “Phronk.”

There are a few reasons for the change. Some book stores (like Apple) require a first name for the listing. It looks better on a cover than the awkward “by Phronk.” Plus, for every person intrigued by an unusual single-name author, there are two people who just think it looks wrong and ignore it. So yeah, I’m giving in to the man, but only by two letters.

More importantly, I have a new book out. The Arborist is about a man haunted by a tree. I’ve always lived in cities, but felt that human need to be close to nature, even if it’s just a tree in the back yard. This book explores that urge, and what happens if it’s amplified by a tree that appears in the middle of the night, and is growing far too fast to be an ordinary tree.

I’d say The Arborist falls into the genre of “quiet horror.” If I’ve done my job, you will feel the lurking terror even if you don’t quite see it directly.

I also designed and illustrated the cover myself this time:


I’m no professional cover designer, but I like how it turned out.

Get The Arborist on Amazon here. It’ll be on other stores soon; links will go here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what P.T. stand for: nothing. Or many things. Part Time? Permanent Tourist? Phineas Taylor? Playable Teaser? Pug Tits? Who cares.

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